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So many people aspire to be an entrepreneur. This is because entrepreneurship makes you your own boss. You are able to make your own decisions without any one monitoring you. Despite this, being an entrepreneur comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur:

i. Gives you freedom.
When working for a boss someone or a company, you have to meet some specified requirements. This gives you very little freedom. You are not required to make some decisions without consulting your boss. This is not the case when you start your own business. With your own business you are able to set up your own schedule and make independent decisions as you wish. You are thus able to dictate everything that happens in your business.

ii. It can be exciting.
Most employees claim that they hate their jobs. This is because they end up being dragged into careers that they don’t like just for the sake of looking for money. This is normally not the case for an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs indulge in ventures that excite them. They are faced with new opportunities and challenges every day. Therefore, monotony is not very common in entrepreneurship.

iii. Rational income
When you become an entrepreneur, your income becomes directly proportional to your effort. There is no fixed income like in a job where no matter how hard you work your salary doesn’t change. In a job the only way to have your income increased is through a promotion. These promotions don’t come easily.

iv. Self-fulfillment and Recognition

Every human being desires recognition from his family, friends and the entire society in general. Being an entrepreneur is the best way of achieving this. This is because entrepreneurs help create jobs thus changing people’s life. You are able to have self-fulfillment when you do something good for the society. Plumber Gatton for instance, unceasingly doing good for the society. Their team achieved self-fulfillment whenever they render plumbing service to the ones in need in the certain community.


i. Requires a lot time dedication
When starting a business, you have to dedicate a lot of time to ensure that it picks. This is a big challenge to many people. The more time you dedicate to your business the faster it grows. You have to be ready to go for extra hours. This requires a lot of personal discipline that many people lack.

ii. High level of competition.
Competing with other businesses is never easy. An entrepreneur has to stay highly competitive in order to survive in the market. This simply means that you should make your business unique from the rest. This requires a lot of creativity and sometimes extra financing. If you make your goods or services unique from the rest you are able to have a solid customer base and remain profitable.

iii. No guarantee for success.
There is never a guarantee that your business will succeed. Therefore entrepreneurship is all about risk taking. That is why majority of people prefer jobs since the risk involved is minimal. Economic and political changes causes a lot of uncertainty when it comes to businesses. Changes in market demands and technological advancements can also make you run out of business. You must thus prepare for the worst case scenario as an entrepreneur.

In present business world, there are plenty of businesses you could start, with more emerging daily, thanks to best old-fashioned ingenuity and new technology. Either it is big scale or small scale, starting a startup business can not happen overnight. It requires many types of research to be done. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, then you must be ready to spend most of your time to the process and the very important thing to do while starting your business product or service is to understand the commitment required. It is required to be aware of all the firm bases before you open the door. So here are main things you have to research and should be aware before you take your company start-up granted.


Be aware of your competition

Know about your competitors. Know about the entrepreneurs who are doing the same service as your service such as Air Conditioner Cleaning Brisbane service. Know about how great they are doing it. By knowing your competition totally, you can learn many things from others success as well as mistakes. You can know exactly for what customers appreciate. Learn about your competitor’s price and know about how much people are willing to pay for your service or product. If any particular player dominates the marketplace of your product or service, then research on who they don’t cater for or what they don’t do good. By learning this, you could grab a market space share. On the other hand, if the market or popularity of your product is fragmented, then there can be a great chance to introduce a new brand that becomes the best choice for the consumers.

Know about your target audience

Engaging everyone just marks appeals to no one. The one thing you have to be very clear before you step into the Business is to know about your targeted audience. You should be aware of your target audience style, interests, and everything. Make sure that you are focusing on the exact people for your product or service by sending out questions, conducting surveys, speaking to them through social media site and holding focus groups. The best method to provide your targeted audience with a service or product they really require is to get inside their mind. Make your targeted audience as your guides and involve them in the improvement of your firm. Continue to follow up them, test them, know about them and to clearly understand them. Following up your targeted customers will also make them to feel like they have importance and a voice. Sometimes, they even increase the likelihood of your customers recommending your product or service to others.

Build a strong web presence

In this technical world, people believe internet more than mouth words. The website is the most want one for a company to reach more audience and to increase their revenue. Though, you might not need to sell your product online, just a simple website that clearly showcases what you offer, what you do would make magic. On the other hand, it could be even better, if you can take the online bookings. Just think about how much more business you can do by embracing an online market and then plan to make it happen.

An entrepreneur also known as a self-employed person enjoys becoming his/her boss and coming up with his/her business regulations. In addition to that, they become stable and gain control that may not be achieved by regular employees. In case you’ve been thinking of being self-employed, you should know the merits and demerits of taking this role.


The ability to be innovative.

One can create new ideas and products to meet the needs of an existing market niche a process called innovation. By being innovative, one develops new profitable industries. This almost guarantees that people will stand in line to give the self-employee his or her money so that they can have their needs satisfied.

Setting your price.

Another advantage of being a self-employee is the ability to set one’s price. Since entrepreneurs can develop new products that never existed before, they can also determine their price.

Flexibility regarding income and lifestyle.

Because the employee has the potential to set his/her price for his goods and services, he can determine the kind of revenue and lifestyle he/she wishes to maintain.

There is an option to diversify.

He/she can create one or many different businesses. This is the best reason for being self-employed. One can create a business to meet the needs of a particular market. Once you have the business up and running, you move on to creating another business model. This allows these self-employees to create as many income streams as possible.

Disadvantages of these employees;

There is No Regular Salary.

Once you initiate a business, you ought to be ready to leave behind the security of having a paycheck each month. Even successful self-employees experience lean months when all financial resources are being taken up by the new business.

Work Schedule.

Despite having the luxury of flexible schedules, this self-employed person also sacrifices his/her time especially during circumstances that need him/her to work for long hours.

Poor administration.

Since this is his/her boss, all the main decisions are made by him/her. This is a burden and handling such responsibility is quite difficult.

Entrepreneurs appreciate the flexibility of settling on their own business choices and turning into their own particular managers. What’s more, they likewise pick up the solidness and control that would never be accomplished as a standard worker. In the event that you have been longing for getting to be distinctly one of these business people, you ought to discover the disadvantages and advantages of going up against this part.

Advantages of Entrepreneurs

Energy: contrasted with being normal representatives, business people appreciate much fervor starting from the planning phase of the business up to advancement and acknowledgment. Adrenaline junkies clearly love being business visionaries as they are presented to a lot of hazard. You ought to always remember, that all business hazards that you concede to taking, ought to be computed.

Pay Potential: a great many people who are utilized for the most part feel that they are not being adjusted for the work they do. Furthermore, they should take after the pay structure set by their managers.

Adaptability: having control of work routines and duties makes the life of these business visionaries fortunate. They can take excursions anytime and invest much quality energy with their families.

Freedom: for individuals who cherish not being answerable to anyone else but rather themselves, turning into a business person would most likely be great. They would have the capacity to settle on choices without the weight of getting let go.

Disadvantages of Entrepreneurs

No Regular Salary: when you begin a business, you ought to be set up to desert the security of having a paycheck every month. Indeed, even fruitful business people encounter lean months when every single financial asset are being taken up by the new business.

Work Schedule: in spite of the fact that they have the advantage of an adaptable calendar, business people likewise make gives up particularly amid circumstances that oblige them to work longer hours. Not at all like customary representatives who are not stressed a lot over the status of the business, business people must ensure that everything is going great.

Organization: since they possess the business, every real choice are made by business people. This is a significant weight and handling such obligation is very troublesome. Each choice specifically influences the eventual fate of their organizations and maintaining a strategic distance from expensive slip-ups is basic.

Subsequent to contrasting the advantages and disadvantages, you should choose in the event that you can reasonably handle every one of the duties of owning your own business beside being set up for every one of the dangers you need to take. In any case, on the off chance that you look carefully, being a business visionary is still alluring particularly with the feeling of satisfaction and achievement they pick up from beating all chances and defeating all difficulties. For whatever length of time that you have energy and duty, you will have the capacity to handle these disadvantages wonderfully.

Those settling on the choices may not know as much about the issue, economic situations and so on as they think they do. While they settle on speedy choices, they are not really the best choices, and it might be better for the business to have a pro manager set up who is a specialist in a specific territory.

It might likewise not be a reasonable organizational structure if the business develops, as the leaders have essentially excessively numerous choices to make. As expressed before, choices can be made rapidly in an entrepreneurial business structure. In any case, if there are so many choices to be made bringing on postponements as various representatives sit tight for answers, it might really be faster to choose a manager and delegate obligation to them for settling on specific choices.


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Start-up entrepreneurs are possessed with enthusiasm and confidence but too often are unaware of potentially fatal business potholes that lie before them. All it takes is a single mistake, one false step, and a business can be history.


The small business planning 101 workshop provides information on starting a small business and provides those attending where to begin and what steps to take.

This monthly workshop provides a general overview of the things to consider when starting a business such as: business licensing requirements, financing your business, business taxes you are required to pay, components of a business plan, legal forms of organization, and how to interact with customers.

Marketing your business

The marketing your product or service 101 workshop covers the principles of successfully marketing your business and growing in the right way.

This monthly workshop covers a broad view of marketing which includes market segmentation, product or service mix, promotion, pricing, location, branding and logos, defining who you are (i.e., what is the business), press releases, brochures and places to advertise.


Raising capital for your business

The access to capital 101 workshop provides entrepreneurs a good idea of where to begin and what steps to take in securing capital in the form of SBA 7(a) loans, venture capital, and other forms of financing. This monthly workshop is designed to help the current and potential business owner understand how the bank/lender determines the criteria for awarding a loan. Credit history is discussed and the importance it plays. Also discussed are the various programs available to the borrower, SBA loan guarantees to local funding programs, and the truth about government grants.

The Cuesta College SBDC provides one-on-one counseling to small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. These services are offered free of charge to Cuesta College SBDC clients.

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs discuss their business ventures and get expert advice from the Cuesta College SBDC Director and/or Cuesta College SBDC consultants. All client information is held in strict confidence and maintained by the Cuesta College SBDC.

The Cuesta College SBDC consulting staff includes experienced professionals, consultants, college and university professors, and experienced University MBA candidates. During the initial counseling session, the consultant identifies or defines the direction the client would like to pursue and/or the problem areas and determines the appropriate course of action to pursue.

Counseling sessions are arranged when small business owners or entrepreneurs contact the Cuesta College SBDC. The Director holds the initial counseling session and determines the initial scope of work and then assigns the client to the appropriate consultant.

Depending on your specific needs, you may also be referred to one of our resource partners through the E-Team.

Companies that offer business marketing services can help enterprises grow. They can help businesses of any size, whether they are small, mid-sized or very large. These services are valuable regardless of the businesses stage of development as well, even newly established businesses will find these services beneficial. The advice and assistance these services offer can be beneficial across a wide range of marketing, even business to business.

Most business marketing services will be primarily concerned with offering companies the training, support and resources they need in order to help them implement the particular business marketing strategies necessary to help them succeed and grow.

The type of help offered may be something as general as helping the business owners understand their customer base and identifying who their competitors are to more specific strategies such as direct marketing, sales lead generation and outsourcing. One strategy where many businesses often require some help is with writing proposals for projects, and part of a marketing consultant’s job is to provide the business with a helpful project proposal template.

The project proposal provides the framework or plan for a research project or business that is being considered. It is one of the essential elements of business communications. Anyone who faces the prospect of needing to come up with their first proposal will typically be worried about how it needs to be done, this is especially worrisome because if it is not done properly it can have serous consequences. The project proposal template gives a very detailed format not only for what needs to be included in the proposal, but also the order in which it should appear.

This is only one way that a marketing consultant can offer benefit to a business. Very few companies will be able to know with certainty that they can handle all aspects of the business without the help of business marketing services.

Everyone has their own set of individual financial goals. Yours may include funding a child’s college education, enjoying a comfortable retirement, purchasing a home, starting your own business, minimizing your tax costs or any combination thereof. But, no matter which financial goals you have chosen, developing a comprehensive financial plan is one of the most important steps you can take toward achieving them.

A comprehensive financial plan offers many significant benefits – 10 of the most important of which are listed below:

1. Americans are living longer, healthier and more active lives than ever before. Many of us will spend nearly as much time in our retirement as we did in our working careers. If you’re looking forward to a lengthy and rewarding retirement, it’s likely that you’ll need significant financial resources. Financial planning can help you make the most of the money you earn during your working years.

2. Higher education costs continue to outpace inflation at a time when the need for a higher education has never been more pronounced. According to the College Board, for the 2001-2002 school year average college tuition costs rose 5.5% to $17,123 at private institutions, and 7.7% to $3,754 at public institutions. By beginning to create your financial plan today, you’ll be better prepared for the educational expenses of tomorrow.

3. More and more Americans are being asked to take responsibility for their own health care. In fact, you may already be choosing your long-term care and disability coverage from a pre-established menu of options and funding all or a part of your health insurance on your own. A comprehensive financial plan can help you meet the increasing cost of medical insurance.

4. Estate taxes can possibly consume as much as 50% of your estate within nine months of your death. Financial planning can result in a larger legacy for your heirs by helping to minimize your estate tax bill.

5. A sound financial plan provides a complete assessment of your current financial status – including your net worth, cash flow and debt management practices. It can also help identify ways to improve your financial situation.

6. Financial planning helps you take a comprehensive look at your future financial needs and goals, such as cash flow and debt management and how to get the most out of your investment portfolio.

7. A comprehensive financial plan identifies specific strategies and opportunities to let you actively work towards meeting your financial objectives.

8. By examining the amounts and types of insurance that may be right for you, a financial plan can help protect your family, your business interests and your assets.

9. As you work to create your financial plan, you’ll be organizing your financial information, as well as your own personal network of professional legal, tax and investment professionals.

10. As changes occur in your financial and personal situation over time, a financial plan can help you measure the impact of these changes and help keep you on track toward reaching your goals.